What is ‘tuespetre’ supposed to be?

“Tuespetre” is a bastardized form of “Tu es Petrus.” I just didn’t feel like changing it once I realized my mistake.

Who are you, professionally?

I am a software developer who works for a decent-sized telecommunications company in the Midwest, where I get to be about as creative and innovative as I want while I work with my teammates to produce and maintain a variety of internal and public-facing applications and solutions. Our focus is largely on web applications, and the portion of the team that I belong to uses Microsoft technologies for the backend.

Who are you, personally?

I am a lowly man who is blessed to have an amazing spouse and two little girls. I am Catholic in belief though a failure in practice. I enjoy singing and composing; at one time I played instruments and enjoyed experimenting with production but since we grew our family I have developed an even greater passion for software development. I also enjoy learning and applying new skills in the area of home improvement.